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Welcome to my portfolio. After twenty years as a newspaper illustrator I became obsessed with learning to do on the computer what I had been doing for years with quill pens and inks. If you look in the old Gainesville Suns from the seventies you'll find some good examples of my quill pen work. This page, however, is devoted to what I do today, drawing and painting on the computer. I work in Photoshop 4 and draw on a Wacom tablet.

Downloads are free if you would like to print them on your home printer. If you want to purchase a professionally printed 10" by 13" color print on 80 lb stock for $30.00, postage paid, contact me.


The digital art is printed on 80 lb. paper, one at a time as they are ordered, on a commercial Cannon 7000 printer, signed by artist and mailed. The colors are as bright and luminous as they are on the monitor screen. Prints fit into any 13" by 10" frame.

The only things on this site aggressively for SALE are my novels, Evangeline & Little Moses and Jook. The first is a story of slavery during the Civil War years, and the second the story of a Robert Johnson style character playing his blues in the bars and juke joints around southern Mississippi in the 40's. I am very proud of these novels and am looking for a publisher or producer. Check out the sample chapters.

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Billy Boat Learns To Float (movie)

My Houndog Howls At Midnight (art show movie)

("The raunchiest guitar instrumentals in the history of the blues")

Mushroom Song (art show movie)

Flower Of Sangria (art show movie)

Possibly the most important information you will ever read:

Ragged Fin - Short story, 5,000 wds. Free Read.
While running a planeload of Marijuana out of South America,
Tyrone's plane goes down in the Gulf and he escapes
drowning by climbing onto a large bale drifting in the waves.
It isn't long before he is being stalked by a large white shark.
Heart-stopping excitement. Read at your own risk.

(This story appeared in Word Riot back in March)

Cure For Arthritis - A true story

Original Underground Comix from the 70's
Some of my favorite stories and quill pen art

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